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Dear Diary July 19

I, like so many others, have hang ups.  I feel very fortunate in that I’m never content to just take my less than pleasant moods or attitudes at face value.  Whenever I don’t feel as good as I want to feel, I find myself doing focus wheels, gratitude lists, meditation breaks, anything I can think of to turn my mood around.  I’m not always successful at changing my attitude right away, but I have found that my dedication to reaching for the best feeling thought available to me in any given moment has dramatically shortened the amount of time that I typically wallow in negative feelings as I get older.  Unhappy moods and feelings most definitely had a tendency to linger for much longer periods of time when I was younger… I have really dedicated myself in the past decade to doing anything and everything to minimize those self-imposed negative experiences.

One thing that I’ve found to be extremely helpful in the past that I have not been practicing a whole lot lately is lists of positive aspects, literally writing down a list of things that I feel are positive on any subject.  And one of my favorite topics to make a list of positive aspects about is my wife…

Positive aspects of Patty

~> I love Patty’s beautiful red hair, it’s soft, shiny, silky, and I love to bury my face in her hair.

~> Patty takes great care to prepare us the most amazing, beautiful, delicious meals every night, and she infuses everything she prepares with love.

~> I know (I feel) that Patty would do anything for me… there is nothing that Patty would not do for me.

~> I love that Patty is so joy-oriented.

~> Patty is the only person I’ve ever known who understands the nature of the spiritual path that I walk, and she’s whole-heartedly joined me on that path, body and soul.

~> Patty agreed to marry me.

~> Patty loves to laugh, and I love to hear her laugh.

~> Patty has gotten to be a really good pool player; some nights she really gives me a run for my money at the pool table.

~> Patty loves music (almost) as much as I do… she usually enjoys loud music vibrating through the whole house as much as I do.

~> I love the sound of Patty’s voice.

~> Patty is the most amazing co-creative partner I could even imagine; together there does not seem to be anything we can’t manifest into our life once we set our mind to it.

~> Patty is as eager as I am to do whatever it takes to constantly be reaching for the best feeling thoughts available to her in any moment.

~> Patty was amazing the way she stood up for me and for us when her family rejected our marriage.

~> Patty is a walking miracle, getting healthier and healthier every day… even her doctor calls her the poster child for healthy living as he notes the improvement in her overall health and one by one her medications are reduced and eliminated.

~> I love that Patty is my star student in walking this spiritual path as well as my greatest teacher.

~> It’s been 19 months since Patty quit drinking alcohol for the sake of keeping our marriage healthy; 19 months without touching a drop!  I love her so much for that.

~> We both feel that we’ve spent our entire lifetime searching for each other, and now that we’ve found each other everything that came before finally makes sense.

~> Patty says that she has never been this happy, this content, or this in love with anyone ever in her life… I totally believe her.

~> I have never known anyone who I can’t get enough of except Patty… and she feels the same about me… Even after 3 years we want to be together all day every day, always in each other’s company… what a rare, precious find we are for each other.

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Focus Wheel ~ July 16

So, last night did not feel like a good night at pool league.  I feel as though I shot pretty well, and I definitely got some great shots in, but I lost 6 out of 8 games.  That’s a pretty poor average.  What I’d really like to do in this moment is to change the way I’m feeling about my pool playing abilities.  The better I can get myself feeling about the way I play pool, the better I’m going to play pool… that’s law of attraction 101.  So I’m going to attempt my first linear focus wheel here.   (For and explanation of my linear focus wheel idea click here.)

I know what I don’t want:
I felt overwhelmed and embarrassed with my pool performance last night.  I know I can shoot better than I did… I allow myself to get nervous, and the more nervous I become, the worse my game becomes.  I want to align with ease and clarity when I compete in pool.

What is it that I do want:
I love the feeling of alignment in all things I choose to do.  It’s so sweet to feel relaxed and in the flow in those moments when I release all tension and resistance and simply allow my talents to be fully expressed.

And around the wheel:

1)  I know that I play pool well; my stroke is getting straighter and straighter and I have a good eye.

2)  My teammate Eve is so awesome in the way that she offers encouragement and advice.

3)  I shot extremely well at league last week, I even beat a couple of people who have decades more experience at pool than I do.

4)  I made the most beautiful, complex, elegant 9 ball shot last night… my opponent literally bowed to me because he was so impressed.

5)  Contrasting experience (experiencing what I don’t want) is great for spurring me into action to attract the experiences that I do want.

6)  I love that Patty comes to league every week and beams with pride as I move around the table and sink ball after ball, whether I win or lose.

7)  Almost everyone that I get the opportunity to play in league is extremely encouraging and the always acknowledges how much my game has improved since the last time they played me.

8)  I totally believe in the law of attraction which keeps me turning again and again to the best feeling thoughts I can find on many subjects, which is really a great way to live life.

9)  I particularly love the experience of actually witnessing the improvement in my game in the moment that I’m thinking good feeling thoughts.

10) Seeing the direct, immediate, positive results when I turn to good feeling thoughts relative to my pool game strongly encourages me to focus good feeling thoughts in all areas of my life… what a blessing!

11) It is spectacular and affirming when Eve coaches/lectures me on using the law of attraction to improve my game even though (as far as I can tell) she’s never heard of the law of attraction as a practical approach to life… she just intuitively knows that positive thinking works.

12) I really enjoy meeting so many extremely talented, fun, funny people as a result of competing in a pool league… I would really miss this adventure if I quit.


Mmmmmm…. I feel really good now.  That was sweet.  I’m going to go bask in this feeling for a while.  I think I like this linear focus wheel idea… I look forward to doing more of these.

Yeah, I know, it’s not poetry… but it sure feels good!

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Dear Diary July 14

I’m thinking about focus wheels today.  Writing and exchanging focus wheels is something that Patty and I do with each other nearly every single day.  We started doing them around the beginning of this year.  Focus wheels have turned out to be a phenomenal means of maintaining good feelings most of the time.  We try to do at least one focus wheel each day during happier times.  When one or the other of us is feeling down, that’s the time to bear down and write more focus wheels.  They are simple to do, and they pack a powerful punch towards processing negative feelings and supporting good feelings.

Trouble is, I’ve had some difficulty figuring out how to adapt focus wheels to this blog.  Patty and I hand write our wheels, and they are really kind of a stylized sort of diagram thing that is not very conducive to a linear left-to-right top-to-bottom format.  Well, this morning I’ve begun to think of focus wheels in a new way.  What if I think of focus wheels as a sort of structured poem?  I mean, they aren’t really poems, but there is something like structure to them.  I mean, they aren’t like haiku, which (in English) is typically approached as a 17 syllable poem in 3 lines arranged in a 5 syllable / 7 syllable / 5 syllable structure.  Focus wheels are nowhere near that constrained, but they do have their structure.  Let me explain how Patty and I approach them.

To start, along the top edge of a piece of paper we first write a brief statement of something that is going on that isn’t as good as we want it to be.  Examples of a typical opening statement might be something that we’re feeling annoyed about, something that we feel bad about, maybe something that’s causing us to feel guilty or angry or otherwise unworthy.  We make this statement brief and to the point.  Next, in the center of the page we write a thought or sentiment opposite to our opening statement.  For example, if I write “I feel depressed today” as my opening statement (the mood or attitude that I want to improve), then in the center of the page I might write, “I love it when I feel joy and happiness flowing through my whole body.”  Then we circle that center statement (the mood or attitude that we want to build on) and we go around the clock (so to speak) and write 12 statements in a circle around the center statement.  The objective is to write 12 statements, true to our real life experience, that support and/or build on the center statement.  If approached with an open heart and a genuine intent to improve our current state of mind, by the time we finish a wheel, we typically feel much better than when we started it.

Here’s an example of a real life focus wheel that I wrote this morning:


Click for high resolution image

By the time I wrote the twelfth statement around the center thought, I was feeling pretty good.  And it only took a few minutes to turn my crappy mood around.

So, if I think of the focus wheel as a poem (for the sake of doing focus wheels in a blog), I could create a poem structure in 14 parts.  The first stanza would be the mood I want to improve.  The second stanza would be my center statement, the mood that I want to build on, and then the next 12 stanzas would be the 12 statements around the clock laid out in linear fashion.  Yeah, I know, it’s a pretty loose definition of “poem”, but I think I can make it work for me. 

I look forward to being able to put some focus wheels here in my blog.

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Dear Diary Jul 06

Here I am again after 9 months of silence.  I expect that those who were following this blog in years past have long since moved along to far more dynamic and interesting blogs… which is just fine with me.  I think I like it best when this blog is just sort of quiet and personal.  There for a while it seemed like I had quite a few regular readers.  I found myself writing more to what I imagined my readers wanted to see, rather than writing to my heart.  Put another way, I found myself writing for effect, trying to maximize the “hits” on my blog rather than simply getting my thoughts and feelings out in words.  As a life-long journaler, I feel best when the act of journaling is all about expressing my heart as clearly as I possibly can and nothing more.  After all, before I started journaling here on this blog 2 years ago, I did basically the same sort of stream-of-consciousness writing in notebooks from the age of 13.  I have piles and piles of notebooks stashed here and there with all the angst, drama and trauma of years past scratched and scrawled out.  Terrifying reading, really.  I much prefer the gratitude/appreciation based stuff I put out these days.  Life has gotten so very sweet in the past couple of years, and I love forming the delightful thoughts and feelings that are swirling around inside me into streams of words that build on and intensify those feelings.

These past 9 months have sort of been a break from my life of journaling, but not really.  I’ve still been writing long lists of things I feel grateful for everyday, and then I give those lists to my beloved wife Patty.  I’ve also been doing lots and lots of focus wheels, sweet little barely structured word-ballets all about the things I love most about being alive.  I give those to Patty too.  Patty puts all these gratitude lists and focus wheels into a box in chronological order; she calls them love letters… and she’s absolutely right. 

Still, I’m craving a more prosy approach to journaling once again.  And I love and appreciate all that came before in this blog, so I’m going to leave it all up and simply pick up where I left off with no real effort towards trying to maintain a theme.  I am my own theme.

I’m really not an exhibitionist.  Although I will admit that as a woman in love with a woman I do enjoy shouting to the void of the sub-ether for any who may hear (or read, as the case may be) that my love is pure and it burns white-hot.  Perhaps I am an exhibitionist after all.  I mean, I have no shame when it comes to public displays of affection.  I’m not one to kiss, caress and hold hands simply for the shock value of 2 girly-girls in love, but neither do I censor or unduly restrain my affectionate impulses in order to preserve the small-minded ideals of prudes and bigots.  Don’t hate me because I’m a cuddle-bug… I’m just built this way.  I mean, I would never ask a heterosexual couple to curb their affection for my sake; I ask for no more and no less as an affection-oriented lesbian in love.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Seriously, I have nothing much to say.  But, boy, can I say nothing with a whole lot of words.

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Back Again


I feel a little like Rip Van Winkle.  I’ve been away from my beloved blog for a whole month.  Unlike Rip, I’ve been busy.  The truth is that I’m completely obsessed with pool.  Yeah, I mean billiards.  I dream of pool.  I can shoot drills over and over and over again for hours.  I set ’em up, and I knock ’em in.  And then I do it again.  And then I do it again.  Who has time to sit down and write?

Last week I got my first chance to play BCA League billiards as a substitute player.  I did pretty well considering it was my very first time in competition with highly skilled, veteran players.  The game was 9 ball.  Of the 8 matches I played, I won 4 and I lost 4.  I think I impressed a few people, including myself.  I’ll be playing again this Thursday; I think the game this week is blind draw scotch doubles.  This should be interesting.

This is the last week that the summer league people will be gathering.  The winter season begins on Nov. 5th, and I received word yesterday that I’ll be captain of a newly formed team.  I’ve only met one of my teammates so far; apparently there are 3 more members that I’ll be meeting soon.

This whole billiards thing has come about as a direct result of my alignment with the law of attraction. 

For the past 2 or 3 years I’ve been completely focused on studying and understanding the practical application of the law of attraction (LOA) and how it moves through my life, so that on May 1st when I took my beautiful wife on a date to a local sports bar to play pool, even in the moment that I was falling in love with those shiny little balls dancing on that field of green, the energy that creates worlds was going to work lining up elements and events that would lead to the fulfillment of this love affair.  By Saturday May 9th I was inspired to spend a couple hundred dollars for a beautiful, hot pink McDerrmott pool cue, and it was only 6 weeks later, on June 23rd, that Peaches and I were inspired to purchase a brand new beautiful pool table with hot pink cloth for our home. 

Here I am, only 5 months from that fateful pool date, rapidly becoming the player to beat.  I made my request of the Universe, “I want to be a GREAT pool player.  I want to join the Pro Tour someday.”  The Universe will take care of the details.  All I need to do is to get into a place of ALLOWING the Universe to deliver to me what I’ve asked for.

What does it mean to “allow” the Universe to manifest my desires into real life, day to day experiences?  That’s the fun part.  Once any of us has made a request of the Universe, all we need to do is to feel as good as we can, as often as we can.  That’s it.  It really is that simple.  Whatever it takes to feel really, really good all the time, do that.  Feeling good allows the fulfillment of desires.  Feeling crappy slows or even prevents fulfillment of what we’ve asked for.

Everyday Peaches and I are experiencing the truth of the law of attraction.  When we feel crappy, the Universe delivers to us all sorts of experiences and events that enhance our crappy feelings.  And when we feel really, really good, the Universe delivers endless experiences and events that support our good feelings.  Practicing at the pool table is only a small part of why I’m becoming such a good player so quickly.  The secret to my success as a rising star pool player is that I try to consciously, actively cultivate the EXPERIENCE and FEELING of JOY every time I pick up my hot pink stick.

Seriously, I’ve been told by the division manager of the WBCA Cascade Division (he’s a billiards coach and nationally certified billiards referee) that it took him years to develop the technique and delicate stroke that he sees me executing.  In a crowded field of experienced players trying to get on the roster of a limited number of teams in the Cascade Div. for this winter season, I rose to the top of the list without any effort on my part.  I’m sure the division managers had their reasons for putting me on the roster and making me captain of my team (my dedication to the game was mentioned), I know that the deeper, more accurate reason is that the law of attraction is lining up energy, and then manifesting events, in harmony with the requests I’ve made to be a great pool player and to join the pro tour someday. 

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been updating my precious blog lately.  And since I eat, breathe and dream pool these days, I expect that my billiards experiences will become a regular topic in the ever evolving entries here at You Can’t Say That on the Internet.


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Happy Self Improvement Month

Did you know that yesterday, Sept. 2nd, was National Beheading Day?  Heck if I know what that was all about.  Self Improvement Month I can wrap my brain around.

I’ve been thinking about the stream of well being lately.  According to Abraham-Hicks, there is a stream of well being that flows through and within every particle of matter in the Universe, and as self-aware beings of consciousness, one of the ways that humans express their free will is to either align their energies (thoughts) with that stream of well being, or to resist the stream.

Every time a desire runs through us, that sensation of wanting something is actually the ongoing experience of creation happening… our desires actually expand the Universe.  And as the Universe expands, that stream of well being moves faster and faster.  And it’s for this reason that it isn’t possible to take a neutral position to the universal stream of well being.  If we aren’t actively resisting the stream with thoughts that feel bad as we think them (or as an ultimate result of thinking them), then the stream automatically carries us with it towards greater and greater experiences of well being… well being is the natural order of our very existence.  If we aren’t experiencing well being in the form of good feelings, joy, and the fulfillment of our desires, then there can only be one reason for it… we’re thinking thoughts that turn us against the stream and against our nature.

Why would anyone think thoughts that inspire bad feelings when all they need to do is to knock it off in order to realize the fulfillment of their every desire?  Habit mostly.  Somewhere in the distant history of civilization, we (humans) forgot who we are: Children of God in physical form, extended directly from the Source for the purpose of continuing the expansion of Creation.  We made the ego as a tool to facilitate our interactions in this universe of name and form; the ego’s purpose is to name me and you, to define yours and mine.  And, like our Creator loves us, we loved what we had made, and we nurtured it, until the ego became so comfortable to us that we began to identify with it; we came to believe that “I and my ego are one.”  The outcome of this error in thinking is that we began to manifest all kinds of tricks and methods for making the ego more real to us than our Unity… we embraced our separation at the expense of our Unity.  We chose to lose ourselves in delusion.

This is all so much simpler than most people believe.  If well being and joy and the peace-which-passeth-understanding is indicative of our truest nature (our Unity which is alignment with our core being), then it also holds true that the opposite of all of that is the best method of clinging to our separation.  Negative thoughts, judgments, complaining, anything that makes us feel bad keeps us firmly anchored in our individuality, our separate state.  Negative thinking reinforces our ego-self, which holds us apart from our Divine Self.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking out against the ego.  Ego is a wonderful tool for naming things.  With the use of ego I know which car is mine when I walk out to the parking lot, I remember which house I live in, which office is mine in the lovely office building where I work.  But my car is not who I am.  Neither is my house, my job, my body, or my thoughts.  These are all just really great tools for defining how I choose to interact in this physical Universe, tools meant to be used responsibly and with care.  This is really about balance, deliberate creation, living joyfully, and maintaining constant awareness of who I am and why I’m here.

Complaint: An expression of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.  A Grievance.
~~> The Free

Complaining is one of the most effective methods ever of maintaining identification with the ego.  With every complaint that any of us thinks and/or voices, we make our ego stronger at the expense of our alignment with the stream of well being.  Pain, dissatisfaction, resentment and grievance all become intermingled within the mind and body, manifesting stress, anger, judgment, hatred, colds, flues, cancer, heart attacks and indigestion.  All in the name of maintaining a sense of me and you, us and them, mine and yours.  This is the complete breakdown of the intended balance in utilizing the ego-tool as a means of interacting within time-space for the joyful life experience of the collective soul.  All this stress and sickness is a direct result of fighting our way, with every ounce of energy at our disposal, up stream, against the current of the stream of well being.  And the vast majority aren’t even aware that they are doing this.

The good news is there is nothing easier than reorienting ourselves within the stream of well being.  It’s simply a process of getting past some bad habits.

Abraham-Hicks would say, anything that soothes is beneficial in this process of reorienting oneself towards consistently joyful experiences.  Reach for thoughts that bring relief and soothing again and again until the thought processes are slowly reoriented towards habitual good (or better) feeling thoughts.

Or simpler still, Eckhart Tolle in his book “A New Earth” suggests simply stopping all thought processes from time to time, everyday, as often as it occurs to you.  How does he suggest doing this?  Easy.  Simply stop what you’re doing and pay attention to your breathing for a minute or 2, paying special attention to the brief pause between inhaling and exhaling, and vice versa.  Peaches and I have found that this simple exercise, practiced many, many times throughout the day, is extremely beneficial for bringing our conscious awareness into the present moment, and when we’re in the peace of the moment, then for that moment we’ve stopped resisting the stream of well being.  And what we’re learning is that alignment with the stream of well being, however briefly, becomes very intoxicating and addictive.

Why not try occasional and brief conscious-breathing exercises for a day or 2?  You misery back if you’re not completely satisfied.

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Happy Kiss and Make Up Day

Kiss and Make Up Day is supposed to be about ending arguments and long standing feuds with friends and family.  It’s about remembering what’s important in life: having people to love who love us back.  It’s always harsh to have bad feelings towards someone you love and have long-time connections with, especially if those feelings go on for years.  It’s harder still if that person dies before you get a chance to reconcile; that’s the sort of thing that can stick with you for the rest of your life.

I’m in the process of learning a valuable lesson today.  There’s a lot more to kissing and making up than at first meets the eye.  It has to do with connection, me to Peaches, Peaches to friends and family, etc.  Sometimes I struggle with the substance of that connection.  That is to say that sometimes I forget about the real life value of feeling and experiencing that connection with those I love to love.  I sometimes allow my sense of connection to be overshadowed by the weight of BEING RIGHT.

In those rare times when I pick a fight with Peaches, I never cross her because I think it will be fun or exciting to be at odds for a few days.  No, the only reason I ever have for crossing anyone I love is because I think I’m right and I think they’re wrong.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life so far, I’ve learned that I can’t always believe my own thoughts.  Because the truth is, it’s never worth it to trash a close relationship (not even temporarily) for the sake of proving that I’m right.  The fact that my faulty thinking sometimes leads me to believe that it does make sense to argue with anyone I love really only proves one thing; it proves that the connection that I most need to reconcile is the connection with me.  The one that I most need to kiss and make up with is mySelf.

I’ve often heard it said (and I whole heartedly believe it) that one cannot love another until she learns to love herself.  Wow.  How does one go about measuring that kind of self-love?  Who’s to separate out egotism from narcissism from hermitism from genuine self love?  Ultimately it all comes down to feeling good.  No, not hedonism, that’s being devoted to sensory pleasures.  I’m talking about happy, joyful, everything’s-going-my-way kind of happy-to-be-alive experiences. 

Look at it this way, where does consciousness come from?  What makes us think?  How do we come to be here, self aware, living, thinking, breathing?  There’s an energy moving through the Universe, call it God, call it Source, call it Cosmic Life Force, whatever.  This energy is in and of itself a form of harmony; it manifests suns and planets and bodies and consciousness and everything it manifests functions according to perfect order.  I have trillions and trillions of living cells within my body, and they’re all alive and moving and functioning in perfect harmony, and all without any conscious effort on my part.  That’s the Universal Life Force moving through me, acting on me.  Harmony is the prevailing status of this Universe.  It seems clear to me.  Planets endlessly circle suns in perfect order.  Suns circles galactic centers.   Gas clouds create suns; suns create planets; planets do what planets do each according to the perfect order of this Universal dance.

With me so far?  So, if I accept that I’m an extension of the life force that animates me (a life force which clearly favors harmony), well, in order to live out the full measure of harmony that Universal Forces have called into being all around me (and within me), all I need to do is to align my energies (my thoughts and efforts) with that very life force moving through me.  All I need to do is to connect with mySelf!

The only thing that could possibly interrupt my own internal experience of harmony (joy, love and peace) is losing that sense of connection with mySelf.  Because when I lose that connection to Self, I’m moving against the current of harmony and well being that is the very nature of my environment, and when I’m going against the current of this Universe of name and form, well, it just feels crappy to go against the flow, to go against my nature, to push against the nature of all that is.  Pushing against Universal harmony feels like effort, it feels like work, it feels like conflict.  Because going against the flow IS conflict, and living in conflict with all that is will always bring about more and more the experience of BEING IN CONFLICT WITH ALL I INTERACT WITH!

So how do I know that I’ve lost connection with mySelf?  How do I know that I’ve moved away from Self love into self loathing?  I find myself in conflict with everyone and everything around me.  I pick fights with Peaches.  I have a bad day at work.  I stub my toe.  I feel miserable and I look miserable.  And when that happens, when I allow myself to get into such a frame of experience, all I need to do is to send myself some flowers, buy myself a nice piece of chocolate, and KISS AND MAKE UP WITH MYSELF.  Because reconnecting with mySelf is the only possible path to regaining my sense of peace at home, with those I love, and with myself.

Happy Kiss and Make Up Day to everyone everywhere!


Posted by: Katie Starlets | August 18, 2009

Happy National Bad Poetry Day

Oh man… I am a master of bad poetry.  Don’t believe it?  Watch this:

~~>  Dog days of summer,
~~~~>  Succulent fruit on the vine;
~~~~~~>  Short skirts and bare legs.

When it comes to writing bad poetry, I’ve always preferred my own variation on the Haiku theme.  Haiku is short, structured and to the point; I feel that it minimizes my opportunities to go too far astray into the realm of criminally horrific poetry.  If nothing else, bad Haiku is mercifully short.

Bad Poetry Day means different things to different people.  (The vast majority completely disregard August 18th as just another day.)  To me, Bad Poetry Day is special, not just because I’ve mastered the anti-art form of torturing the English language in 17 simple syllables, and not just because 2 years ago today Peaches and I agreed to be monogamous and exclusive (we became girlfriends August 18th, 2007, awwwww…), Bad Poetry Day is special to me because it reminds me that FUN IS FUNDAMENTAL!  Having fun is as essential to healthy living as good food, fresh air, and clean drinking water. 

I have it on good authority that the meaning of life is the exchange or our life energy for joyful life experience.  As creators created in the image of Source, we exercise free will to create the life of our choosing, but the purpose of creating is to expand the Joy of God through our own joyful life experience.  Every day, every hour, every minute that we live any experience that isn’t joyful, we’ve squandered precious life energy and time.  To live a life of anger, stress, judgment (of self and others) and depression is an inexpressible tragedy of enormous proportions, one that affects every human who has ever lived and ever will live (what happens to the least of us, happens to us all… together we are the whole, seperate we are the disembodied parts.)  Nothing is more important than that each and every one of us feels good as much as we possibly can.

Which is exactly why Bad Poetry Day is so important to me.  I realize that there are those who may come across this blog who cringe at the very thought of bad Haiku (look away! look away!), and I have no explanation for why the following is true for me, but I experience huge fun in writing bad Haiku.

~~>  Play is nourishment
~~~~~>  For the soul; vitamin “fun”
~~~~~~~>  Digests into joy.

(Look away, look away!)

One highly accessible form of joy is the experience of fun.  Fun can be fleeting, and fun can be lasting… and fun can become a way of life, and that’s the best kind of fun.  Not everyone gets to have as much fun at their job as I do, but wouldn’t it be great if everyone could?  Not everyone knows how to instantly access the experience of fun with simple mind exercises, but there’s no reason that everyone couldn’t.  Not everyone makes having fun (feeling good and being happy) their very highest priority the way that Peaches and I do, but wouldn’t the world be even more spectacular than it already is if everyone did make feeling good the most important thing in their life?

Go ahead, write a crappy poem… you might just enjoy yourself.


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